Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes..that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts... ~

Please meet my latest custom girl Viola! She dreams of a magical world around her. She loves nature and the beauty that surrounds it; an ever green garden with lush green floors covered with dainty little pink flowers and a light scent of their sweet perfume. Fairy dusts that fills the air during the day and fireflies waiting and waiting to brighten the night skies.

Viola loves to dream and dream...


✨✨ Details ✨✨


Base Doll : Factory Blythe

✨✨ Customise Work Done ✨✨​


  •  Sanding

  •  carving of lips, nose, philtrum, chin, and eyes.  

  •  New makeup with high quality pastels and sealed with Mr. Super Clear UV Cut and semi gloss.

  •  freckles

  •  slight gaze correction, sleepy eyes

  •  Kitten design eyelids by me.

  •  Pull strings has been replaced.

  •  2 new pull charm designed and created by me.

  •  1 pair of original grey eyechips

  •  1 new pairs of plastic (Black) eyechips

  •  2 new pair of glass eyechips (green and pink/silver)


✨ Pure Neemo jointed body however if you prefer standard Takara body please let me know. I can swap them over.

✨ Back plate is inscribed with JennyLovesBenny ID.

✨ Viola will travel in her pink-lace dress as shown in picture made by me. I design each dress for each of my girls. They’re all individuals and designed specifically for each girl.  Comes with matching underpants and stockings. She also comes with beautiful shoes by skcouture.  


PRICE: $520 (AUD) plus $48 shipping & insurance WORLDWIDE - FREE shipping within Australia.