No harm with a little Sparkle in life I say...lol

This bunny has a peculiar fetish unlike most, nope she doesn't want carrots or greens but like most little girls, she like sparkly things. Glitter and coloured gems is what she seek, all day long she'll hoppity hop looking for treasures on the beach. Little does she know, the dancing lights on the waters are just reflections from the sun, those little sparkles are just out of her reach.

I'm so pleased to preset to you my latest Rabbit "Sparkles" from my "Jenny Bear and friends" collection. 

Sparkle Tipady Rabbit

Here is a little about Sparkles...


Sparkles is approximately 25cm/10 inches tall.  She wears quality sparse mohair in a faun with white mouth.
She has large green glass eyes and an embroidered nose.
Sparkles is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints and has quality polyflock stuffing.  Her feet also stainless steel shots to give her a little weight so she's nice to hold and cuddle.
She has big rosey cheeks and she comes with her little carry bag to carry all her treasures from the day's find.

Limited: All JLB bears are intended for Adult collectors and not suitable for young children.

bunny rabbit ooak
bunny tail

AUD $340 - free shipping & insurance Worldwide