I hope you enjoy making your own JLB bears from my patterns. Here is a free pattern of my "Sunday" bear. I hope you have lots of fun making him. Also for those who have purchased my Anime patterns, you can download their cute little hat patterns from here. Happy Sewing!

Anime hat epatterns are now FREE! Now you can create all the anime hats I do for my anime bears and bunnies.  All are based on the three designs below.  One of the most fun part of creating my anime bears is making their hats and accessorising them so yap, they're free for you to download and make as many hats for your anime as you wish. :D

NOTE: My patterns are protected by copyright and are for PERSONAL use only. The pattern cannot be reproduced for sale or distribution, this includes all bears created from the pattern.



To celebrate JLB's 5th Birthday I'm giving away my Sunday pattern.  This also includes instructions on how to make his recycle sock jumper.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print the pattern. *Make sure your Adobe print setting is set to: Select "Page Scaling" = to shrink to Printable area and print.  I hope you enjoy making your own Sunday! :D


MOMOKO Teddy Hat Pattern

MOMOKO and large Anime Bear Asuka's Teddy Hat was created fro the same hat pattern.  The teddy hat E-pattern is now available FREE right here.



I've had a few requests asking for Peanut's hat knit pattern so that you can give your Peanut elephant a hat too so here it is:-

I'd made up the pattern myself and this is what I did...I used 2 and 3/4 size needles and baby wool. 

Cast on 68 stitches, work 6 rows garter stitch. Change to stocking stitch and work 35 rows.

This will give you a long rectangle shape.  Fold the rectangle piece in half and sew the edges together to make a square hat.  Attach a bell to one corner of the hat and stitch.


CHIYORI Hat Pattern


AYAKA Hat Pattern


CHIAKI Hat Pattern