Caesar 🐻

"There must be others out there..I can’t be the only one!!
That would make me rather special..wouldn’t you think so?
But I rather have friends and a lovely home and not feeling special all on my own..."


Please meet my latest bear created from my Petal's pattern "Caesar".


Here is a little about Caesar...

Caesar is approximately 28cm/11 inches tall and wears quality thick Shulte mohair in a lovely and soft light brown with dark backing.
He has brown plastic eyes with black iris and a brown embroidered nose.  Caesar is 5 way jointed using cotter pin joints and is filled with quality polyflock stuffing.  His feet contains stainless steel shots to give him weight.

Limited: All JLB bears are intended for Adult collectors and not suitable for young children.


AUD $275 - free shipping & insurance Worldwide