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Missy is cute Japanese Anime bear with frekles! Now living with Jenni and many 'beary' friends in Victoria, Australia. Penny Rabbit, a little Japanese Anime rabbit and she's a real cutie! Have found a new loving home in Victoria, Australia!! Powder Puff is an adorable anime bear who loves a tummy tickle!! Have found a lovely home with Jenni and her big bear family in Vic, Australia. a little Japanese Anime bear and she's adorable!!! Have now found a new loving home in Vic, Australia, sourrounded by lots and lots of anime bears!!!
Lemon is gentle and every so lovable.. Lemon is very giving and is ever so happy to share his favourite treats (peanuts) with everybody. He loves giving bear hugs and makes you feel so loved. Now living with his new 11y.o friend. Tida and her little friend Fluffy my 'Teddy and friend' collection has now found a new home with their new mummy Sandrine, living in Luxembourg! They're just delighted! Wasabi is a sweet little Japanese Anime bear...She's such a girly girl and a wee bit cheeky!! Especially made for Fanny in Hong Kong. Peachy is a cute little Japanese Anime bear, she's very playful and very cheeky!! Now travelling with 'Peanut Butter', going home and living in Vic, Australia.
sweet Pete is just adorable!!! He is much loved by his new mummy and have now found a new loving home in Paris, France. This is Kalvin and he's a real cutie!!! Now living with Tosca in Hong Kong! Speedy is a rat, a very cheeky one too! Now living in Dorset, UK. Lumi is a cute little Japanese Anime bear. Have found a lovely new home in Vic, Australia living with many of her JLB friends! How lovely!

Danny, an adorable bear cub made from mohair fabric. Have happily found a new home with Toni living in Vic. Australia. Axel with his baby starburst blue eyes, he'll melt your heart away! :D Have found a new home with Tracey in Cheshire, UK Bach...such a fury little cutie! Have been adopted by Heather, living in Northampton, UK with his jlb cousins Blue and Bramble. Dora, she's a girly bear, still new to the world and a little shy..Have found a new home in Hedon, UK
Apple is such a cutie!! She's a little Japanese Anime bear. Especially made for Jenni. A travel companion for Suga. Rocky is a tough little fella with a BIG heart!! Have found a new home in Perth, Australia with Pearla! Ashley, if you ask gently, she'll do various poses for you! She's just a bit shy to begin with...Am now living with Louise and little jlb cousins in Richmond, US. Amai..meaning 'sweet' in Japanese is a cute little Japanese Anime bear. Have found a lovely new home in Vic, Australia, keeping Lumi company.
Pei Pei..she's a girly Polar bear! Now living with Jenni and her hugs of bears in Vic. Australia. :D Daphne, a sweet girly bear! Now living in Coos Bay, US. Midori is a cute little Japanese Anime bear...and she's such a sweet little girl!Now living in NSW, Australia. Sakura, a little 'cherry blossom'! "Sakura" is a sweet little Japanese Anime bear
Candy and Rockey loves to fights over who is the other's teddy bear but they are just inseperable! Now living in Somerset, UK. Ping and his friend Pong have such fun playing tricks on each other making the other roll around laughing hysterically...and their laughs are very contagious!! Ping has now found a new home in Murrieta, US Pong has found a new home in Somerset, UK and have made good friends with Candy and Rockey! :D
Chelsea, created espeically for Joanie. Now living in Antioch, US.Hi Jenny,That was quick! All I have to say is  JoanieabsolutelylovesChelsea! Thank you so much! She is beautiful! Sincerely, Jonie Geraldine is a gentle soul with a great big heart. She can be very playful when she wants to be but am more than happy to just by your side and keep you in good company. Now living in Aberdeen, UK with Emma and Hairy. Chalotte is gorgeous with those big black eyes! Now living in NSW, Australia. Hi Jenny, I have just received Charlotte and see is truly gorgeous! I am sure she will love her new home. Regards, Kris. Bart a sweet and gentle soul. Created with long arms and legs to give great BIG hugs! Have found a new home with Sylvia living in sunny Queensland, Australia.
Curly...an adorable little fella! Have a new home in QUEVEN, France with Kobie and Sylvie. Hi I've just received my Curly, whaouh! I love him, today was a bad day for me, and when I 've seen his little face all seems to be better!!! Many thanks for all, and see you soon for my Kobie!!! Best regards
Tosca is such a cutie with his bright pink glossy nose! Now living in Hong Kong. Hi Jenny,
I've picked up Tosca from the Post Office, wa ........ he is very very cutie.  Now he is sitting beside me and looking at me to send e-mail to you. ha ha....
Polo is very shy...but he sure can play up to the cameras! Now living in romantic Paris with his French mummy! Hi Jenny, Polo arrived safely in Paris, He is soooo cuuuute. Definitively ADOPTED. Thank you so much. Beary Hugs from Paris Pearla, because she's just like the colour of mother pearl! Now living in Perth, Australia, sitting on dressing table with her new friends!
Toffee is just adorable and he'll steal your heart away! Please note, always carry some toffees with you in case of emergency!
"Toffee" has a very sweet tooth and frequently gets cravings for sweets throughout the day. He also loves toffee apples, they are his favourite! He often dreams of the BIG toffee apples they have in the US... "Why don't we get them here?" he often wonders!! Now living in Dorset, UK. Hi Jenny, Just a quick line to let you know that Toffee arrived yesterday. Thanks for sending him, he is a real cutie, & boy can he talk!! - he has hardly stopped for breath from the moment he came out of his box.Toffee apple season it may be over here, but based on what I have seen so far, I will have to search for some that are colour/additive free. I just hope he doesn't give the game away before Christmas. Do you know of any good bear holiday homes?I might need to send him packing until then......... Take care, & Thanks again Nicole
Scarlet..inspired by "Gone with the Wind" Scarlet have now found her new home with Rosemary in Qld, Australia. Scarlet is now official renamed 'Precious' by her new mum! :D Hi Jenny, Precious has had a very big day out today. I entered her into the Lawnton Doll & Bear show in the Dressed Bear competition. She wasn't in the comp - but was a clothes horse for the outfit that I made hence her catagory - Dressed Bear. She looked simply gorgeous. I had to show you the outfit on her. I know you have stated previously that you don't normally like dressed bears, but seeing as she is special to you too, I thought that you might like to see her. I named the outfit Sunday Best. I love making outfits for dolls and bears, and she showed this one off to perfection.She will slip back into her 'scarlet' outfit tonight for a very well deserved rest.Kindest regards, Rosemary. For a pic of Precious in her pretty dress, please see my blog.

Crystal, a very special girly bear! Now living in Singapore with Maylyn, Bethany and Gertie! :D Hi Jenny, 
I have actually made your bear page my home page for Internet Explorer, so the first thing I will see is your webpage when I start up Internet Explorer.  A few minutes ago, I saw Crystal on my screen and I was thinking what a beautiful bear! (I have not checked email yet) As I scroll down and see that she is reserved for me, I couldn't stop the silly grin breaking out on my face! It is such a wonderful feeling to receive a surprise like this!  And I must say Crystal is really beautiful, can't wait to touch her fur =) love the colour and the cute nose! thank you very much for making me feel very blessed and special today! Best wishes, Maylyn
P.S. Bethany is sitting patiently in the post office waiting for me to pick her up. The post came when I was out. I will write again once she is settled in.

Clara is a sweet and very pretty girly bear wearing beautiful dense wavey mohair in a lovely 'wild berry'pink colour. I absolutely love it, it's just lovely, especially on Clara. That is her favourite colour! Now living very happily with Toni in Vic, Australia. Ohhhhh!! I received Clara today, all wrapped in tissue paper and beautifully boxed and she told me she hadn't had a rough journey at all and didn't expect to arrive so soon! I am utterly enchanted and delighted by her - she is so much cuter in the fur than in her photos (much like me, I like to think, looking at my terrible photos!! ha ha!) She has made friends with another ultra feminine bear by heather Harwood and they look terribly sweet together! I shall try and send you a photo just to show you her new home! Again, I am so so thrilled to be her new proud companion!! (I don't want to say owner, as I don't think bears are every really owned!) Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Kammi and her little friend Twinkee are just adorable together. Now living in Victoria with their new family and a group of Anime bears!!! Tilly...is an adorable pink cub who loves her afternoon naps. Have now found a very loving home with Louise living in the US. Milli is so shy and am so unsure of herself but once she's warmed up, Milli is a chatter box! Now living in Hertfordshire, UK Jeromy"is a sweetie! He is gentle and am just adorable and he'll sure steal your heart away! Now living in Jacksonville, US.
Chalky is a rainbow spotter!! He loves to sit on the window seal with one leg sticking out of the window; waiting eagerly but patiently for a rainbow to show...and when it does, he'll jump out of the window (you see, it makes it easier when he already has one leg sticking out) and run to the rainbow. He'll plonk himself beneath the rainbow and bake in their beautiful colours until it fades away... Chalky just doesn't realize that he is already a beautiful bear, just the way he is...Now living in the UK. Frenchee is an ADORABLE cub though she likes to think that she is a French Poodle! She loves the late morning walks. By walks I mean, you do the walking and she sits comfortably in a tote bag or basket. You have to make sure her head is sticking out so that she sees all that goes on around her and she can wave and say "bonjour" to the dogs passing by. (You should see the looks Walter and Benny gives her!! lol...but they love her all the same)..Now living with Smokie in the US!! Pooky is a little snowball and he LOOOVES winter and snow! He likes his giant snowman...one that is much larger than him, wearing a red scarf and has a carrot for a nose and also wears a hat. The snowman keeps him company while he plays in the snow. Now and then, he'll add more snow to keep him intact..and when he finally melts away, Pooky will say goodbye and eagerly awaits till it snows again...has now found a new and loving home with Jenni in Vic, Australia. Dumpling is a special little boy and has a wondrous imagination...he loves to pretend that he is a dragon with large wings so he can soar through the sky and fly amongst the butterflies ! lol He just loves butterflies, and they adore him. Often they sit on his nose and tickle him with their fluttering wings...this makes him giggle and extremely happy!! Now living in Aberdeen, UK
Becky", the little ballerina. She loves to dance and often, as she glides and step on tip toes, her world around her transforms into the Palace Theatre and she's twirling round and round in her cute little tutu and pretty pink ballet pumps! 'Becky' is just a little darling and ever so loveable!!!Now living in San Francisco, USA. This is Mopsand he is a cheeky young thing... He's full of energy and loves playing tricks to make you laugh! This gives him the giggles...he'll then settle down for a nap where he'll sleep snuggly, dreaming of new tricks for tomorrow... Now has a wonderful new mum, living with his rat friends in Cheshire, UK. Marcel...Bonjour!"... you can call me "Marcel"...oui oui! LOL Marcel likes to put on his 'fake'French accent, he tells me the girls looooooooves it but really, he's an Aussie at heart and little does he knows, the girls loves him all the same! :0) .Have found a new home in Tamworth, UK Morris wears beautiful long pile “blonde” mohair...which is where his nickname came from.
“Blondie” is what the other bears like to call him...he’s fun loving and
knows how to have a good laugh...and of course the girly bears loves to flirt with him! LOL Am now living with Sarah in Oxfordshire, UK!
Wink...is a very quirky looking bear and yet very very cute! Wink has an adorable character and a very cheeky one too!! Now living with Snuggles in Kent Town, South Africa!
Hi Jenny, I've just picked up Wink & Snuggles from the post office & now both are sitting on my desk looking absolutely fabulous. I think there will be a few jealous bears at home when they see how cute the newcomers are!
Jefferson" loves waking up in the mornings.  He loves to wrap his favourite scarf around his neck and take a morning walk to a café and have his favourite drink, hot chocolate to warm up.  That just makes his day! Now living happily in Villiers, FRANCE. Jefferson is a real philosoph and he makes me very quiet and happy! Frieda is a gorgeous and happy little girl! She is ever so playful and loves to laugh and play with the animals and they love to give her piggyback rides where she can pretend that she is the 'queen of her domain! lol Now living in QUEVEN, FRANCE!
Hello, I've received Frieda, and I'm very,very happy, she's very pretty, and she is very happy of her new life in France with new friends from all the world,fortunately they all speak "the bear"!!! :D
Snuggles wears beautiful soft wavey mohair named "Cherry Pie" and he is a sweetie pie indeed! He loves to loiter about in the kitchen and take in the sweet aromas of baked pies, especially baked apple and cinnamon pie or apricot pie or blueberry pie and loves to fill his tummy with them too! lol Hence, Snuggles wasn't just born a big boy with a chubby tummy! lol
Coco...ever so inquisitive, always watching, never far away from you, forever close to you! Happily living in Villiers - France.Dearest Jenny, My new Coco and Jenson are now home and are both sooooooooooo cute and lovely and I have not enough to cuddle with and to kiss them and to play with !!! They make me smile and make my day wonderful, they bring me lots of sun, I'm happy and I thank you very much for making so beautiful little bears ! Josie is so excited as me!!! I wait for your next email perhaps with some photos of my own Natalie. All the best and my kindest regards Sofie is like a social butterfly and wants to be friends with everybody, wants to be loved by all and her friends all love her back! Now living in WA with big bear family! G'Day Jenny, Well Sofie has arrived safely, and the gang are so pleased she has come, i didnt tell them, so it was a nice surprise.  She is sitting with Mimi and Freckles and they all think she is Mimi's little sister.    She will get on well with this crowd lol.. Valentine is inspired by the romantic day of Valentine's day, I've created my first Valentine bear...Now living Vic, Australia with his other little jlb anime friends. Hi Jenny, Just received Valentine and thought I would let you know…he is just gorgeous. The picture really did not do him justice. Keep up the great work. Pippi is a tomboy and yet such a little girl!! She loves to play with her tall cousins, doing all the things they like to do and they love having her cause she's such a sport! She especially likes to climb big old trees when she wants to be alone...she would lie on their big branches to look up at the sky for passing birds...she would wave frantically to them, yelling 'hello there!' only then, her day is fulfilled! :D Now living in France!

Jenson...is still a baby but wants to be a grown up. Thinks he can take care of himself but really, he needs someone to take good care of him! Blossom has a soft and gentle character, she's such a sweet young cub!! Now travelling with CANDY to her French mummy in Villiers to live with a big family of teddy bears! Luc is so much like a baby polar bear!  Just loves to play roll around in snow with his little friends!! He is now happily living in Aloha, United States. Boswell...cute and  cuddly, Boswell is now living in Centennial in the US with is lovely  new mum.
Siddeley is so adorable!! He's long and skinny, so unsure of himself but is loved by all his sibling s as he is one caring, gentle soul. Now living lovely Sumerset, UK Snow Drop is gentle and kind and loved by all her beary friends. Snow Drop loves going for long walks and dragging her very long red scarf behind her, to create a trail for her so she'll always find her way home! Now living in Germany. Smokie is an adorable cub! he is soft and ever so cuddly! Now have found a new home in Louisville, US. Smokie arrived safely and is adorable!  What a precious face!  Thanks so much!  I just love him. "Buddy"... He's a Panda wannabe! Sweet 'Buddy' is gentle and kind who has big heart. He so wants to be a Panda like his cousins Ping and Pong but he just doesn't know what a cutie he is...Now living in Vic. Australia with his cousins, Graff and Bobby

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