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Here are some of my most beloved bears, all fortunate enough to have found new homes with loving familes...their stories are being updated as I receive news about their adventures and experiences. I hope you enjoy meeting them and I warmly thank all Jennylovesbenny bear mums & dads for giving them loving homes around the world and for sharing their stories...

I'll like to take this opportunity to invite you to The Jennylovesbenny's bear family group. This group has been recently created for ALL Jennylovesbenny bears and their mummies and daddies so that they can upload and update their JLB bear stories and adventures. It is also for mums and dad's who wish to share their completed JLB's patterns. Needless to say, my bears do love being in the limelight!! LOL... It is a happy place for all JLB bears to share their twitter, photos/videos, adventures, travels and to meet their siblings who have found homes all over the world! It's also open to everyone, all are welcome to join in the fun! :D

Jenny Bear in her beautiful purple kimono has found a new home in Taiwan with her sibling Harumi!

Jenny Bear in her beautiful 'Sakura' kimono has found a new home in ACT, Australia. Romiko and Wink is keeping warm this Winter with her pretty hat and scarf but I don't think they will need it where they are going. They have now found a new home in Texas, US. Spring always reminds me of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Japan, one of life's highlights and absolute simple pleasures for me! Inspired by one of my favourite novels "Memoirs of a Geisha" and the scene of the cherry blossom viewing from the movie (above), I set out to create a kimono for this special occasion for Jenny Bear...Has found a new home in NSW, Australia.

Kumiko and her puppy dog Bachi! The weather have started to cool down dramatically these few days in Melbourne so I knitted Kumiko a thick scarf to keep her warm while going for her long walks with Bachi. They love taking long walks and finding interesting shops hidden away in tiny alleyways and quaint fashionable lanes, occassionally stopping by at a lovely park for Bachi to run free and expend all her energy before heading back and calling it a fun filled day! :D Kumiko and Bachi are now living in Singapore.

Snovit the little Swedish girl has now found a home in the UK with her kitten Sturt. She'll be pleasantly surprised how many JLB siblings will be waiting for her in her new home :D This is Ossiana and she's looking very peachy in her lovely peach colour coat. Ossiana has now found a new home in Singapore :D It was cold, dreary and raining outside the JLB studio so HEARTS, a happy beary cub was born! Has now found a new home in Germany! :D
Summer is just a little sad not being able to go outside to play with her little friends today due to the heat but she's mightly glad to be keeping cool inside though...and I did promise her ice-cream to keep her happy!. Now living in Canada.Hi Jenny,
Hope you`re doing well even tough you seem very busy. Summer says hello!
She meant to tell you that she is very happy here and even tough it is freezing winter right now, she`s still enjoying ice cream! She also likes to sit by the window and watch the snow fall outside, she says it`s very pretty and romantic :O)
She has a place of choice on my bed and she is so cuddly and precious, I am very glad I adopted her !
Like I said; I really think your creations are wonderfull ..But she`s definitely the cuttes !! ;O)
Thank you again so much (and please pardon my english, I from a french little town !) Bear hugs, Mary

Snuggle is feeling very warm in her hat and scarf. She's now living in Tumbi Umbi (on NSW Central Coast) with her new mommy Amanda. Hi Jenny,
Thank you so much - Snuggle has arrived and she is so perfect! She is sitting on my desk at the moment, glad to be out of the box. She actually arrived at my Post Office on Friday, but they failed to let me know she was there - lucky for her, she had her beautiful scarf and beanie to keep her warm over the weekend.

Thanks again, I look forward to sometime in the future buying someone frm you to keep Snuggle company.

At Jennylovesbenny's, we love Hello Kitty and so does Jenny Bear!! Here Jenny Bear is wearing a very cutesy "Hello Kitty" pillow case dress I made especially for her. Now living in Hawaii!! Lucky girl! Jenny Bear is wearing her nightie and a matching flower. Though it's not bed time yet, it's been raining most of the day. Jenny Bear decided that she'll stay in, wear her nightie, get comfortable and snuggle up on the couch with her blanket to read her story books all day instead! ah what a life!! Has found a new home in the UK with many JLB siblings to play with.

Misa must carry a mirror with her at all times to make sure everyone of her alpaca hair is in place at all times. You just never know who you might bump into! Now living with Mineko and Puchi in the UK.

Ayumi is especially created for her mommy and she will be accompanying Misa to their new home in the Nottingham, UK. Smokey Eyes has many furry siblings in his new home in Melbourne, Australia. Sniffles is all wrapped up and ready for Winter!!! Now living in Melbourne, Australia and has many JLB siblings.

Sayaka has found a new home in Valencia, US.

Hail named after the hail storm Melbourne experienced. Hail is not really an Angel but she likes to dress up as an Angel and therefore, her wings can be easily removed. Has found a new home in Denmark.

Sweet Heart has found a new home in San Fran, US. She will be joining Dixie and Bashful and two other puppies!! Lucky girl! :D "Mineko" and her puppy dog "Puchi are an inseparable pair just like my Walter and me! They are now living in the UK with their new mommy!
As I sat by my window, I noticed a pretty little bud...each day, it would grow just a little bigger. Then one day, the petals opened and it was in full bloom..."my, what a beautiful flower you are" I said. Next appeared a little fruit and each day, it would grow just a little bigger and also just a little bit rounder until one day POP came a little purple anime bear...my anime bear "Auber-Jean"! Now living with Natsumi in Melbourne, Australia. Despite the hat weather, Natsumi refuses to remove her teddy bear hat...she's very attached to her hat you see, just like my Walter who thinks he's a little human trapped in a puppy's body, Natsumi thinks she's a little girl, 'pretending' to be a bear!! lol Now living with AuberJean in Melbourne Australia with their new mommy Esther :D Makoto is a cute little girl wearing her cute bright red polka dot pillow case dress. She's now found a new home in NEW YORK NEW YORK!! What a lucky little girl!! :D Sayumi is very colourful in her cute pillowcase dress made from cute Japanese prints. She's now living in Tyne and wear (UK) with her new mommy! :D
Umeboshi - my little picked plum have found himself a new home in South Australia and here are some lovely photos from his lovely mommy Jess. Hello there Jenny AWWWWW....I had a VERY special package waiting for me when I got home a short while ago. Inside, was a very special new friend waiting so patiently for my attention :) OH MY GOSH Umeboshi is just perfect...utterly and completely perfect Jenny! He's soooOOOooo soft and fuzzy and I just ADORE picking him up because he has such a cute little weighty body and it makes me smile...awwwww...Jenny, you've absolutely made my weekend!!! Teeheehee....he sitting quite comfortably and all by himself next to my laptop as I write this! He's a little grumpy at the moment as he's been in a box for a day or so, but I think he's secretly looking forward to having his photo taken tomorrow hahaha! many thanks again and it's just so lovely to adopt another of your special little creations! Have yourself a lovely and safe weekend Jenny,
Michiko bunny in her lovely Summer dress is now living in Canada, let's hope the Summer is new and warm there :D Chibi loves wearing her cute nightie that I made for her and lives in it night and day! She also has her forever loyal teddy bear whom she drags along wherever she goes. Chibi won't go anywhere without her "Teddy". They are living in their new home in Singpare! :D Mina-chan is a cute little girl wearing her cute Japanese rabbit print pillow case dress. She has floppy legs that dangles when you pick her up and give her cuddles. She's found a new home living with Chibi in Singapore :D

"Beatrice" is celebrating Halloween 2009. She's got her tall witch hat, adopted a cat and a magic broomstick! Have flown all the way to the UK to be with her new mommy, hopefully just in time for Halloween! :D

Claudine wants to be a little ballerina/fairy/angel! Why not have it all? She's now living in the US with a big hug of bears and her new mummy Marianne. Rose is colourful and happy little chick with those brilliant birght cheeks! Is now living in Taiwan with her new mummy Ming :D

Celeste is just a little girl dressed up in her fairy tutu outfit. You'll have a hard time getting her out of that, she just loves prancing around in it! :D Have now found a home with Nicky in the UK.

Sweet Bella have found a new home close to home in Vic. Australia and living with her new mummy Megan.
It is because of this beautiful mohair that has been the inspiration to create Gisele. Gisele have now found a home close to home in Vic, Australia! Gabriel carries a key round his neck and he gets so excited each time he sees a door with a key hole. He'll stretch and reach up to insert his key in to see if that is the key that will unlock the door. Of course it doesn't but the anticipation is just thrilling and exciting! Now living in Bendigo with Lisa. Dean is a confident little bear standing steadily on his own in his warm recycled sock jumper! Now living close to home in his new home in Melbourne with his new mummy Megan. Rosy Belle was created as an Easter Bunny!! Is now living in Taiwan with her new mummy Ming :D

Me:: What's with the hat Tika? Where's your headscarf?
Tika:: This hat? This is my mushroom hat, you like?? It's my little hidding place for when the kids go looking for their easter treats...when I hear the kids coming my way, I just squat down and hide under my hat. They'll just run straight past me and wouldn't even know I was under it...isn't that neat?? tee hee...snigger snigger snigger..Now living in Vic. Australia.

Orifiel - an Angel of the Forest, she has earned her beautiful feathered Wings and she's very proud of then too! Wearing only her birthday suit, I've given her a gold heart locket to wear around her neck so that she can keep her name and contact details inside in case she ever loses her way! :-) This little Angel have found a home with Diane living in the US. Pudding have found a new home and have gone to the UK to live with his new mummy Nicola. hi jenny, pudding arrived on friday, he is totally adorable with the sweetest face, exactly like a little baby elephant ... even more cute than i could ever expect. it was a little chilly here for him but he's made loads of bear friends & they all love to give him a cuddle !! thank you so much for making such a gorgeous little elephant,
all the best,
This is Ami and each day she would sit by the window looking at the flower box waiting for Mr. Bee to come and collect the sweet nectar from her pretty flowers. Busy Mr. Bee has no time to stop and chat but that's okay Ami said, "I'll just be here to keep you company!"...she would sing and tell him stories and some days she would sit quietly and just watch him work, hoping to make his work a little lighter and his day just a little better :D Have now found a new home with Kristine in San Fran! :D

My valentine bear for 2009 is cupid...who puts on his wings come every 14th of Feb, taking much pleasure and of course lots of fun firing his arrows at passers by. Even better still he has a good excuse to do so...just because it's VALENTINE'S day!! :D Cupid have found his new home, that will cheer him up even though his bow is still missing! Thank you all who wrote to tell me they've found his bow and arrows! :D

Satsumi is very very orange bear but she's no tangerine!! hehe.. She has now found a new home in the US.

Kikuko is sweet as pie and can't wait for Easter to arrive! Kikuko is excited about celebrating Easter in the US.
Miwa, a very very pink little girl who's a little darling and loves a big cuddle!. Have found a new home in Singapore with many JLB siblings to play with her. Hiroko is definitely a kimono girl. It's taken me three attempts to make an outfilt for this little girl, she just wasn't happy until I made her this 'Spring' yukata and now she just won't take it off! lol ~ now found a new home in Singapore Yoko loves to rummage through your closet and jewelry boxes and trying on all your lovely items but don't mind her, she's very careful with them, she just loves pretty things! :D Now living in Singapore Kuniko Mq - a simple and humble little girl who just likes to hang out and go shopping with her friends. Have found a new home with Kathy and will be living in the US.

I do LOVE rainy days, specially when it pours down with rain creating a cascade of water running down my windows...and of course I'm nice and cosy indoors! :D
It's my favourite time to have that cup of tea..my favourite time to read a book and a favourite time to snuggle up in my favourite blanket with Walter next to me. I find the sound of rain quite comforting and today was one of those days and "Rayne" was born! You can probably guess how her name came about! :D Have now been adopted by Diane (US).Hi Jenny, Just wanted to let you know that Rayne arrived home safe and sound, and what a beautiful little girl she is! I next see my granddaughter on Monday, so I will take a photo then of the two of them together, and email it to you. Thank you so much for our sweet new bear! Best regards,

Yukiko was suppose to be wearing a pink kimono and while Hiroko was such a kimono girl, "Yukiko" here just loves her girly dresses. I'd spent the last couple of days trying to dress her up in a beautiful pink kimono but she just wouldn't have any of it and I have to agree with her. My colour co-ordination mojo must have gone on a short break because I thought the pink kimono would make the beautiful white pile stand out but instead, I felt it made her look pale and while I initially thought a white dress would make her look pale, I think she looks really sweet in this cotton lace dress I made especially for her. Yukiko loves it too which is more important! :D Yukiko have now found a new home with Urenda in Singapore! Cayenne from my 'Past Times' bear collection have now found a new home with his new mummy Julie in the US! :D Dear Jenny, Cayenne arrived safely & is settling in. Many of my other bears are hibernating (as it is winter up here,) but they wake up every so often, so Cayenne has been able to make lots of friends already. Cayenne says that he shouldn't have to hibernate since it's summer in Australia. I said that is true, but he's living in America now & it's winter here. So we came to an agreement: He can hibernate half the time. When he's not hibernating, he can play as much as he wants, but has to be quiet around the other bears who are sleeping. That seems like a fair arrangement to me. Sincerely, Julie (& Cayenne) PS: I made Cayenne a little necklace as a "welcome to Newport" present & he seems to be pleased with it.

Inspired by one of my favorite novels, Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha", I'm so excited to bring you my latest creation "Sayuri"...gentle and sweet just like the heroine. She loves to sing and dance and may yet to be a Geisha!? :D Sayuri has arrived and she is more beautiful than I had hoped she would be! Thank you so much.
Kind regards
Rachael xxx

what a beautiful clear blue sky...
the sun is shining bright
no clouds to be seen
or a rain drop in sight
it's a perfect day to daydream...Hanako has now found a new home in Vic, Australia.

"Harumi" ͂ which means Spring beauty! Such a pretty name and I thought it was very fitting for this very girly girl! :D Now found a new home with Ming in Taiwan! :D

Juchi have now been adopted and have traveled to the US to live with his new mummy Kathleen.

Aika pink baby chick have lots of chickadee cousins and friends, living with her new mummy in the UK.

Sweet Harmony is now living with Pumpkin and Kathy in Wichita, US.

Little Pink...such a a cheeky young thing and have now found her new home in the US with her new mummy Shantell. Here's a little story of her from my blog.

Celebrating Halloween, I'd created my Halloween anime bear "PUMPKIN".
Failing miserably trying to look scary so she can scare the kids (and adults too) she can't help but look delicious and cute!! :D Now living in the US with Harmony and her new mum Kathy. :D
ChuChu blue chickadee is now living in the UK!
Juni and Blue are keeping each other in great company. Both have found a new home in China with their new mummy Sharon! :D

Sunday my old pal...loves nothing better than to laz around and do absolutely NOTHING!!...hmmm that's my kind of Sunday :D Is now going to the UK to live. I know Sunday will be well looked after - he is a Christmas present for Tim's Mother, who collects and makes bears herself. How lovely! :D

Dau Dau...my little panda cub sits quietly posing for me in bright natural sunlight and occasionally basking in the sunshine...it's a beautiful day! :D Have found a home close to home with Toni in Melbourne, Australia.

Little Missy Janet Chickadee and her little friend Quack. Now living with Jenni in Vic, Australia! :D

Sadie, a very colour Spring Chik who is kind and generous! Have found a new home with Lauren in WA, US!

Sparkles... who is full of dreams and imagination. Dreams of running in fields of wild daisys and rainbow painted skies, of sweet cuddles and all things nice!! :D Now living with Tatiana in Moscow, Russia!

Hiro...baby elecub! Have found a special little boy to look after him. Now living in Melbourne, Vic.

O-Mochi is a yummy Japanese sweet, she managed to escape from the kitchen and have now found a place she can feel safe, a place to call home and a nice family. who won't eat her for dessert in Taiwan!

Catrina and Talia with their two little baby Allegra (right). Especially created for Adele as a special gift to her nieces. Melbourne, Australia. Dear Jenny, I received my bears yesterday and they are absolutely gorgeous. I must admit that they are much more beautiful than i expected... You seem to have captured the girls personality in the bears. Thank-you again for all your hard work and understanding. You have really made this time a very special time for us and i am sure my nieces with cherish their bears for a lifetime. Regards, Adele

Bonnie have now found a lovely home with Jacqui and Benji in WA, Australia!

Christine and her pet bunny rabbit Snow White. Now living with Tatiana in Moscow, Russia! Darla, a baby chick, now living with Chiyo and Muji in Essex, UK Delyla the purple chick has now found a home with Chiyo and Muji in Essex, UK
A bear family especually created for Kher-Sing. Now living in Penang, Malaysia. Hi Jenny, I have got my bear family! They are so sweet and so fabulous! Can't find an exact word can describe my feeling towards those bears that you made! Angel loves the 2 kid bears, "Angel" and "Tristan" so much! She said she wants to crudle "Tristan" to sleep! Hahaha... "Tristan" is real cute and he looks really like my baby Tristan! "Angel" is so sweet, too. Again, thank you so much. Cheers, Kher-Sing Chika and Babybelle, both pretty in pink have found a new mummy and new home in Vetura, US.
Akina,Shizuka,Momoko,Amami,Aika"...Autumn anime bears have found homes together in Singapore!! Sza Sza and her little Gem are off to the US with her new mummy Kris. Cha Cha and her little chick Chi Chi have found a lovely home with lots of siblings to play with in faraway Luxembourg!:D
Mika, Saki, Mei, Neko and Junko, four anime bears and a cat, they're very happy to have found homes together, now living in Singapore. Ayaka, Aoi, Miyu and Momoka..anime bears have found home in sunny Singapore living with Maylyn and her big hug of anime bears! :D

Itsie anime bear is now living in beautiful sunny Spain with Chus! Scruffy..an anime kitten...all warm and snug in his bootees. Have found a new home not too far away in Vic. Australia. Maya and Saki adorable anime bunnies from my Harey Bunch collection. Have found a loving in Luxembourg with many bear and anime friends! How delightful! :D


Tinkabee anime rabbit who is very very shy.
She speaks ever so softly... like a gentle whisper; her words will be carried away in the wind if you’re not quick to catch it! :D Now living with Jenni (AUS) and her big hug of anime bears!!
Mieko is all dressed up and ready to out and play! She wears a little biscuit around her neck for when she gets peckish but it's not quite tea time yet. Have found a lovely home with a loving mum living in Luxembourg. Aiko and Emi, two little amine bears, have found a new home together in Luxembourg, living with their new mummy Sandrine and her big hug of bears! Hi Jenny, Aiko and Emi arrived today safe and sound in their new home. They travelled very fast indeed!! I'm so delighted with them. They are now telling their new jlb friends how was their trip. Don't worry I will bring them some honey for dinner! A big hug from both of them, Sandrine

Cricket, who needs a lot of Tender Loving Cuddles have now found a new home with another Kathy living in the US.

Taro, a cute anime bear..have now found a lovely home in Hillside, Vic. Australia. Bam Bam and Boo Boo...they are best friends and they adore each other! They have been very fortunate to find a loving home together!!! They would have missed each other terribly otherwise. Now living in Nokomis, US.
Biscotti..and just like his name sounds, he's delicious and a very sweet fella! Now living in Victoria, Australia with Jenni and her ever big hugs of bears!

Shigeko, a sweet anime rabbit has foud a new home with Maylyn in Singapore. She'll be real happy here especially with a big hug of anime bears as new friends.

"Harumi"...a gorgeous anime bunny! Have found a home with Saika and Maya, living happily together in Luxembourg!! Amy and her little green friend 'Sweetpea'. Especially made for Karen, now living in San Fran, US.
Mushy Pea is a fun little character and he will keep you in great company while you work in the kitchen .The kitchen is his favourite playground, sliding into the wine glass and pretending to be a gold fish, or playing drums inside the cupboards using my chopsticks and bowls...He can entertain himself and you for hours on end. Have found a new home living in the US! :D

Sleepy is an adorable anime bear, wears a bell around his neck which you can tinkle to wake him up. He now has a big beary familyliving in Jenni in Vic, Australia.

Candyfloss...a delicious little “candy floss” that got away...escaped from the gob of little children and adults with a very sweet tooth! LOL Have been adopted by Diana, now living in South Africa with JOLLY! Bau Bau means I have a full tummy in chinese. Bau Bau is a small to medium size bear, standing at approximately 15.5cm tall but he has one BIG heart! :O) Have now found a lovely home in Luxembourg. He is just thrilled to be living in Europe and especially knowing that he'll have his other jlb friends to meet!! wow
Cashew a baby elephant has very large ears, stretching across 38cm/15inches. With these ears, Cashew believes that he can fly like a bird... it’ll have to be a windy day of course AND he’ll have to be runnig down a hill at the same time! :D Now living happily with Jenni in Victoria, Australia. Beet is short for BEETROOT! He is a fun little character who loves to lie on his back, underneath the drying laundry that wave with the wind, creating a gentle breeze, keeping him cool under the bright sun...there he will doze off for his afternoon nap! :0) Now found a new home living in UK. Gotcha, a little anime panda cub who is also very playful just like his sister Peekaboo.
He loves playing his favourite game “hide and seek” and loves seeking out his little friends in their obvious hiding spots! He gets such a thrill when he does find them :D Now living in Yorkshire, UK.
Tippady is a little Japanese Anime bunny, she's a happy little character , bursting with happiness and ready to share them with you! :0) Have found a new home living with Truffle and the many jlb anime bears!

Cheeky is a loveable polar cub. Have found a lovely home with Laura in Canada! :D Jolly..a happy anime bear. Now living with Diana and Candyfloss in South Africa. Mighty is very happy, he's glad to be travelling with Colby,to meet his new mum Sally in Vic, AUS Cute little Sachi, has now found a lovely home with her new mummy in France!
Cocoa, a beary anime girly! Especially created for Maylyn. Now living in Singapore! Butterscotch..created especially for Maylyn. Now living happily in Singapore! Banoffee and Strawboffee" ...they sure are delicious!! Specially created for Maylyn, now living in Singapore!
Robbie is a little mischeivious and a little cheeky but he is full of love and have plenty to give away! Have found a loving home living with Lulu-Ann in Malmö, Sweden Lychee is a teeni weeni bit shy especially about her curly hair!! Have now found a lovely home with Cathy living in the Acworth, US. Kobie" ...is just adorable and he comes with the cutiest little character! Have now found a new home in lovely QUEVEN, FRANCE. Truffle...As yummy as "Truffle" may sound, he is not to be sliced, diced and absolutely no eating!! Now living happily in Vic, Australia with a large anime bear family! :D

more adopted bears

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